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Do you ever have times when you feel stuck, lost, dissatisfied? Do you ever feel like because of this struggle your life is shrinking rather than expanding? If so, you're absolutely not alone. 

Hi, I'm Anna. I'm a registered psychologist who offers both face-to-face and online therapy. 

I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (said ACT like the word) to help you to identify how this struggle might be impacting on your day to day life, and exploring new ways to relate to it so that life can continue to be rich, full and rewarding. 

Over the last ten years I have helped many people like you to learn to relate to the "hard stuff" in a new way, freeing them up to experience some of the reported benefits of ACT. 



The hard stuff


Have you been struggling with any of the following things lately? And more importantly, does the way you deal with them tend to "shrink" your life?


  • anxiety (in social situations, panic attacks, or other forms of anxiety)

  • low mood/depression

  • adjusting to or navigating stressful life events, burnout or life transitions

  • general feelings of disconnection/dissatisfaction, feeling in a rut

  • relationship challenges

  • grief and loss

  • dealing with the impact of physical health conditions







By now you have perhaps tried everything to get rid of these thoughts and feelings. Is it working? Or is the effect short-lived? If so, there is still hope. The hundreds of people I have worked with who have incorporated these skills into their life report the following benefits: 

  • learning to relate to uncomfortable feelings more gently

  • increasing energy, vitality, productivity and motivation

  • being able to bounce back from and manage life stressors

  • developing ways to engage more fully in the things that matter to you (e.g. exercise goals, work goals)

  • navigating life transitions

  • handling grief and loss

  • cultivating more meaningful relationships

  • clarifying what matters




The most important thing


The most important thing in therapy is feeling heard, respected and cared about. In this way, my approach is based on compassion and collaboration.

The psychological techniques themselves that I use in therapy are acceptance and mindfulness-based approaches, including ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), as well as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

This involves identifying what uncomfortable thoughts and feelings are showing up, how these might be impacting on your day to day life, and exploring new ways to relate to them so that life can become rich, full and rewarding. 

For a helpful article written by Esther Perel about how to find the right therapist, click here



I am originally from Auckland, New Zealand and have been helping people like you for the past ten years. For the last five years my work has been in an Auckland psychology practice doing short-term face-to-face therapy. Prior to this, I worked for five years doing telephone counselling with children and teenagers.

The process of listening and supporting individuals to move towards what matters to them is important to me. I believe strongly in the models that I apply. The feedback has been that my approach is friendly, genuine, and non-judgmental. I aim to build on people's existing strengths in order to grow their sense of resilience and move towards having more rewarding experiences.



NZ Registered Psychologist

Post Graduate Diploma in Health Psychology

Masters in Science in Health Psychology (First Class Honours)

Post Graduate Diploma in Science (Health Psychology - Distinction)


Professional Membership:

Association for Contextual Behavioural Sciences (ACBS) 

NZ Psychological Society



If you'd like to know a little more about what Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is, this article was printed in the New Zealand Listener magazine.

Also, here is an interview I did in 2015 on National Radio about ACT and Anxiety


Client Feedback

"Anna has been a great therapist. She is insightful, compassionate, and above all, genuine. I really felt that I was heard and understood and she gave me great tools to work with."

"Anna made me feel understood, cared for and ultimately helped me move forward"

"I feel truly blessed to have had Anna as my therapist and I could not have done it without her. Her kindness and professional expertise helped me a lot, and I have grown a lot since my first visit as a result of the techniques she has taught me. I would highly recommend her."